WildStar’s engineer class is what happens when you put Inspector Gadget inside of a monster truck

LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! WildStar’s engineer class is easily the most unique MMO pet class I’ve ever seen. Why you ask? Well, it’s a tank with pets, two of which you can use at once; is ranged; and can fire on the move. If your mind wasn’t blown I strongly suggest you read over that last sentence one more time. I’ll wait.

I’ve never been someone who likes pet classes, but the engineer has more than caught my attention though. Even in the DevSpeak video, they say it’s a pet class that doesn’t play like a pet class. You’ll be rocking four different bots that you can use any two at once. Do you want CC, tanking, healing, ranged? The bots can do that. Let’s not forget you're dawning heavy armor and have a f@#ing rocket launcher. You can tank or DPS, the choice is yours.

Needless to say, this class stands out to me and I’m can’t wait to see how they develop once WildStar goes live. Check out the video below and bask in the fact that now you know every class that will be available at launch.