WildStar’s Carbine Studios donates a rocket house and $10k to the Child’s Play charity

If you’ve preordered the new MMO WildStar, you’re going to be receiving an in-game rocket house as part of the incentive. What would said rocket house look like in LEGO form? What if said LEGO rocket house and $10,000 dollars were donated to the Child’s Play charity? Well guess what, due to Carbine Studios donation, all of this happened.

Just how many LEGOs does it take to build a rocket house you may ask? How does 50,000 plus sound? That’s how many it took. This beast was assembled at PAX East earlier this month, for the world to see. If YOU’D like to see because, like myself, couldn’t attend PAX East this year, WildStar’s YouTube channel released a time lapse video showing its construction. You can find this video below.

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Program coordinator and development, Jamie Dillon, of Child’s Play said:

“Child's Play is deeply grateful for the support of Carbine Studios and the WildStar team. Creative, gamer-focused fundraising is the cornerstone of Child's Play and we're honored to be the recipient of both an incredible donation for two of our network hospitals as well as a work of LEGO art to be featured in our annual auction. These donations will allow us to provide video games to children who are in need of distraction, empowerment, entertainment and more. The contributions have a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of sick kids, and we are so grateful to Carbine Studios and WildStar for their donation.”

  As well as Mona Hamilton, vice president of brands, of Carbine Studios mentioned:

“We wanted to not only find a fun way to bring a small piece of WildStar to life, but also see the efforts go to a good cause. Child’s Play is a wonderful charity doing really great things with the gaming industry and we’re looking forward to seeing the result of the auction later this year. It was also important for us to say thanks by giving back to the Boston community; they’ve been great to us over the years at PAX East.”

There you have, Carbine Studios creating MMOs, LEGO Rocket Houses, and dreams for children. My hat’s off to you.