WildStar’s Adventures add MMO variety where none have gone before

Sure in your typical MMO you got your dungeons, you got your raids, and you got your PvP. New content comes in the form of new instances or battlegrounds. While these features will be present in WildStar, players will always have the options to participate in Adventures. What are Adventures? What aren’t Adventures?

Since WildStar is sci-fi and futuristic, you are able to simulate experiences not normally attainable via the regular gameplay. You and four buds can participate in simulations within alternative versions of zones you’re already played in. The zones look different, are different, and play out different. You’ll be forced to make tough calls that will change the outcome of the rest of the event.

During these Adventures, you’ll have options on how you’ll want them to play out. Do you take the stealthy approach, do you free NPCs, do you use NPCs make a massive army to strike back? All options. How about an Oregon Trail type simulator where you pick the path your supplies run, protect them, gather resources, and participate in encounters? How about gangster murder mysteries, tower defense, or even MOBA style play? Yup, Adventures cover all that ground.

Don’t think of these as just time sinks either, all of these different game modes offer XP that you can take with you all the way to the bank. How do medals, loot, and achievements sound? Yuuuuup. Each Adventure has branching storylines and different content each time… so, like, it’s always different. Even if you love a certain adventure, it will KEEP being different. Pretty sweet if you ask me.