WildStar bonus beta weekend announced: Increased level cap and a new Adventure

Carbine Studios has announced a surprise bonus beta weekend for upcoming MMORPG, WildStar. Though the recent beta weekend just concluded yesterday, Carbine took to the forums to announce a bonus weekend starting this Friday. The weekend beta will run from Friday, 7:00am PDT through Sunday, 11:59pm PDT. 

In addition to give players another opportunity to experience adventure on Nexus, Carbine has increased the level cap to 25 and implemented a new Adventure, War of the Wilds, which unlocks at level 25.

Invites to this weekend's event will be sent to every person who signed up for WildStar beta, so make sure you check those emails. A code will be included in an email, though there are some reports of emails being sent out without keys. Carbine is looking into this now and will update as soon as they have more info. 

With the addition of this weekend, this now means we have one more beta test event scheduled for Friday, May 2nd through Sunday, May 4th. After that, it's time to buckle down and get ready for WildStar's launch on June 3.