Wii U Will Use 25GB Discs, Not Blu-Ray

It has been revealed that Nintendo will not be using Blu-Ray discs for Wii U games. They will, however, be using 25GB discs for their upcoming platform's titles. In an interview with Kotaku, Nintendo game designer Katsuya Eguchi discussed the disc format for the Wii U when it lands on the market.

Though the disc tech might not have the Blu-Ray name, 25GB discs can definitely hold plenty of data. That means disgruntled gamers who were appalled by Wii discs' space limitations shouldn't be too worried, as 25GB is a major upgrade. And as stated by Kotaku, this format "puts Nintendo in a good place to run games that fill up a single layer 25GB Blu-Ray disc."

Of course, many gamers are already wondering why Nintendo doesn't simply use Blu-Ray. The main reasoning going around regards licensing. I won't bore you with the specifics, so to put it plainly, Sony owns a piece of the proverbial pie when it comes to the Blu-Ray name, so the company gets royalties from any entity that uses Blu-Ray discs. Obviously, the folks over at Nintendo don't want to give money to one of their main competitors, which explains why they would shy away from using Blu-Ray. Of course, this doesn't mean the Big N can't use the same technology for their games.

See? Told you it was boring stuff. In any case, Nintendo looks to invest in bigger disc space with the Wii U, sure to please both developers and gamers. Still no word on the whole hard drive business or just how much space the system's internal flash memory will contain. I'm still hoping they release the darn thing with a hard drive (or at least an alternate model with a hard drive in it), but we'll have to wait and see.