Wii U software pre-orders doubling the Wii

With the Wii U's release still a few days away, it's too early to cast judgment on the success or failure of Nintendo's new console. What we can do — based upon the recent pre-order numbers reported by GameStop — is infer that Nintendo may have solved the problem of low software tie ratio it experienced with the original Wii.

According to GameStop's report, for the 500,000 Wii U consoles that consumers have pre-ordered, the retailer is sitting on an additional 1.2 million pre-ordered Wii U games. This means that for every console, there have been 2.4 games sold, which is more than double what it saw leading up to the launch of the original Wii.

The early success (based on pre-orders) of the Wii U can likely be attributed to the much stronger third-party lineup. GameStop revealed that pre-orders were led by Ubisoft's ZombiU and Assassin's Creed 3, Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Warner Bros.' Scribblenauts Unimited, and Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. U.

Have you pre-ordered your Wii U yet? If so, what games do you plan on getting?