Wii U’s Nintendo TVii delayed until December

Nintendo TVii, the unique application for the Wii U which "transforms" how people find, watch and engage with their television, will not be available until December.

In a press release sent out today by Nintendo, which was meant to highlight the Wii U's features, it was noted at the bottom that the application will not be activated until well after the console's release this weekend. 

For those unfamiliar, the Nintendo TVii makes watching TV "simple and fun" by basically turning the Wii U GamePad into a remote that controls your television functions, allowing access to the program guide and other information like sports data. It also allows viewers to comment on moments as they happen on live TV and share those thoughts via Miiverse, Facebook, and Twitter – all directly from the GamePad.

Nintendo TVii works with existing cable and satellite channels and can be customized for each family member. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until December to use it.