Wii U outsold both the PS4 and PS3 in Japan last week

Well, here's some good news we're not used to seeing about the Wii U. Nintendo's struggling console topped both the PS3 and PS4 in sales for the last week, spanning May 19 through May 25. It's the first time since the PS4's Japan release in mid-February that the Wii U has actually had better weekly performance than it. And it's the first time in quite a long time that it has been ahead of the PS3.

Looking into the specific numbers, however, it's not necessarily that the Wii U has picked up tremendously in sales, though there was a slight bump likely due to the upcoming Mario Kart 8 game. Really though, it's more about how Sony's consoles have been struggling in its home country. For the week, just 7,387 PS4s were sold, while 7,383 PS3s were sold. Comparatively, the Wii U sold 8,858 consoles which, while it is a slight increase from previous weeks, still isn't too impressive.

What's perhaps more interesting is the success of mobile devices in Japan. For the past few weeks both the 3DS and Vita have topped the hardware sales charts. You can check out the full sales breakdown for games and hardware in Japan for last week here.