Wii U or Xbox 720, PS4? Infinity Ward hiring for “next-gen” Call of Duty

It job postings are any indication of a company's future plans, then it looks like Infinity Ward is looking to take the Call of Duty series to the next-gen.

In a revised job posting on Gamasutra, Infinity Ward is seeking a Senior Animator with an "interest in working with next-gen technologies."

With Treyarch up to bat with the 2012 Call of Duty game, it's entirely feasible that Infinity Ward could be the ones who take the step into the next generation of consoles – be it the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 4, or Xbox 720.

These days next-gen gets thrown around a lot, with many automatically assuming it means Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4.  In almost every job posting we see these days, the company has "next-gen technologies" listed in the description.  What people seem to forget is that the Wii U is considered "next-gen", and with it currently being the only console we have any hard facts about (as in we know it actually exists), it's likely that this is the "next-gen" they are referring to.

Both Sony and Microsoft have already denied rumors that they will be unveiling new consoles at E3 this year.  If that's the case, then don't expect to see a new console from either of them in 2013 – which indicates that this job ad is most likely for development on the Wii U version. 

Then again, Infinity Ward could be looking even further down the pipeline, and if they have any sort of official insider information from Microsoft or Sony then it's possible this is for something larger than just the 2013 version of Call of Duty.

Let the speculation begin.