Wii U game releases for February 2014

In January, the Nintendo Wii U didn't see one major game released for it. Looking at this February's schedule, things aren't getting much better this month. For a newer console, it's sad to see such a bare release schedule. 

So here's what Wii U owners can expect for February 2014:

LEGO Movie Videogame – Wii U – February 7, 2014

LEGO Movie Videogame

Based on Warner Bros. upcoming film, The LEGO Movie Videogame is more of TT Games giving us what we love — LEGO. The game's plot draws from the film, revolving around a perfectly average minifigure named Emmet who is tasked with saving the world even though we already have heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman around. There are supposedly more than 90 characters inspired by the film and 15 levels. If you've played TT Games' past LEGO games, odds are you'll enjoy this. 

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – Wii U – February 21, 2014

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Although this is the fifth installment in the Donkey Kong Country series, Tropical Freeze is the first to be released in high-definition. It will continue the series tradition of side-scrolling platform gameplay as you travel through six different islands to defeat the Snomads, a group of Viking creatures (walruses, owls, penguins) that invade Donkey Kong Island. Donkey Kong will team up with Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Cranky Kong, who will be making his first appearance as a playable character in the series. Replacing Cranky Kong as the shopkeeper is Funky Kong.

Sadly, that's it for the Wii U in February. Two games. Comparatively, the Xbox One and PS4 are seeing four to five games released in the same period. For the Wii U, February highlights the struggles it has faced since launch. No one wants to make games for it because it doesn't have an established fanbase. And it doesn't have an established fanbase because there are no games for it.

Looking ahead, things don't appear to get much better for the Wii U in March.

Check out the games releasing for: