Wii U decals can make your console and gamepad look like an NES

I love the look of my deluxe, black Nintendo Wii U. The one thing I can't stand however, is the glossiness. I understand it makes it look better, at first, but the truth is after someone getting their hands on it, there are smudges all over it.

Thanks to the site decalgirl.com, I can eliminate the smudges and make my Wii U look even better. There are tons of decals you can choose from on the site. Everything from cute cats, to fantasy landscapes. There are a few retro inspired decals on there. However there was one that truly made both the Gamepad and console look amazing.

These decals run for a mere $19.99, which isn't bad at all considering you get both the console and Gamepad decal. The fact that my Wii U will now look like an NES is just an added bonus. The decals come in two varieties, matte and glossy, but given how smudged the glossy Gamepad already gets, just trust me and get the matte.

You can find the NES inspired decal right here, or you can browse the entire list of decals here.