Wii U could be getting a name change before E3 2012

There is no denying that from a console hardware standpoint, Nintendo is as innovative as it comes.  With that being said, I think we can all agree, that when it comes to naming these consoles they suck.  It was bad when they named their newer portable system, the Nintendo 3DS, so similar to the Nintendo DS.  You'd think their names would only get better from there, but as it turns out, it only got worse.  Sticking to their awful naming conventions, Nintendo revealed last year, that the name of their new console would be the Wii U.  That's right, the same exact name as the Wii, except with a U on it.

You may remember back in December, that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata promised they would "take every possible measure so that the Wii U will have a successful launch" after learning a "bigger lesson with the launch of the 3DS".  At the time, Iwata was probably referring to the initial sales price, but it looks like there may be more to what he said.

Of course, if you remember, the 3DS got off to a horrendously slow start thanks in part to confusion over the name.  Apparently, the name of the handheld was so confusing that consumers were mixing it up with the regular Nintendo DS.  That forced Nintendo to slap obnoxious red border stickers across and alongside the game box to help people differentiate between the two systems.  To emphasize the difference even more they ran the horrible TV tagline: "This is not DS.  This is Nintendo 3DS".

Bad, I know.  But at least Nintendo is learning from their mistakes.  According to "sources close to the platform holder", Nintendo is considering changing the name of the Wii U.  It is being said that the discussions are "going on at the highest level right now" and that if there is a name change it will be before E3 2012 arrives.

This is a risky move either way Nintendo decides to go.  If they stay the course they are still risking people confusing the Wii with the Wii U.  If they change it, then all of the money they've spent into branding the Wii U is all for naught.  And then they run the risk of people then getting really confused over what the NEW named system is.