Wii lifetime sales surpass 100 million units

While reports of the Wii U's Q1 sales were grim, things were a little brighter for its predecessor. The Wii managed to sell 210,000 units in the three month span ended June 30, 2013, pushing lifetime sales past the 100 million milestone.

Life-to-date Wii sales now stand at 100.04 million units worldwide. Nintendo estimates another two million units will sell for hte fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. Despite the overall success, it doesn't seem as if the Wii will come close to beating the 153.93 million DS units sold. Still, 100 million is nothing to scoff at, especially for a system many considered dead at launch.

Unfortunately, the story hasn't been quite as nice for the Wii U which sold just 160,000 units in the same quarter. Life-to-date Wii U sales sit at just 3.61 million units worldwide.