Wi-Fi tech company says more Xbox Ones connect to their routers than PS4s in US

Well, maybe more PS4 owners connect to the web via ethernet.

Eero, a technology company that looks to provide 'perfect' WiFi connectivity in homes, has released data on device patterns in the United States. This data, collected from 2,000 surveys and "hundreds of thousands of eeros" has revealed what people connect to the internet the most in their house. 

It is important to note that the data is limited to eero networks and wifi users.

The data revealed cam from anonymized data from eero networks in 10 major metropolitan areas around the U.S. A majority of U.S. homes have up to seven devices connected to WiFi, with iPhones and iPads taking the top two spots. Following the top two spots, Sonos, Macs, PC and other Apple products take up the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth through eighth spots. 

Gaming devices don't appear until we reach the 27th spot out of 40, and even though the PlayStation 4 has reported more sales, it's the Xbox One that is the more connected gaming console as the 27th most connected device, the PS4 is the 31st, and the Wii U is the 35th. 


Game does make a comeback though, 7% of eero networks report that gaming devices are the last items people interact with before going to bed.


You can see the full report here.