Why was there a PS3 controller in the Titanfall dev video?

Despite being an Xbox One and PC exclusive, there's belief — especially among Sony fans — that Titanfall will come to the PS4. Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment hasn't ruled out the possibility, but they haven't exactly given reason for such belief either — or have they?

It's come to the studio's attention that an "Interview with the developers" video had revealed that there are allegedly PlayStation 3 and possibly PlayStation 4 controllers in the studio. Why? If Respawn isn't working on Titanfall for PlayStation why have the controllers?

"That's from 2010," Respawn clarified on its Twitter. "No PS4 controllers existed then. Also, we play games at work so we have all systems. Got a WiiU also :)"

Sorry, Sony fans. Looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer before any such rumors prove true. On the bright side, there's still the possibility that Titanfall is only a timed exclusive. Notice how Respawn still hasn't debunked that notion.