White Xbox One rumored for release later this year

Remember that really cool white Xbox One — the one that was reserved exclusively for Microsoft employees who were members of the launch team? Well a new rumor, verified by The Verge, claimst hat it will go on general sale later this year.

The original rumor stemmed from an alleged Xbox Insider on NeoGAF who claimed the white console will be available standalone or as part of a bundle with Sunset Overdrive and a "fancy ass controller" some time in October of this year. The insider also claims that a "limited edition 1TB" version fo the Xbox One will release one month later in November.

The Verge appears to have verified the rumor, claiming that Microsoft "is indeed planning to release a white employee-only Xbox One later this year."

Microsoft doesn't comment on rumors or speculation, but it's worth pointing out that company frontman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb hinted back in August that a white Xbox One could be sold to the public "waaaay in the future." So you're telling me there's a chance.