Where to find Falcon’s Compass [Blitz Squadron sidequest] | FFXIII-2 Fragment Guide (Vile Peaks 200AF)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide (Vile Peaks 200AF)

[#146] Falcon's Compass
After getting the fragment Thunder's Last Light from Corporal Thunder, it's time to go talk to Falcon again. In the Vile Peaks 200AF go to the easternmost gate, where Falcon will question you on whether or not you actually talked to the Corporal. When he asks for the Corporal's callsign, answer "Thunder." He'll accept your story and hand over the fragment Falcon's Compass, which you'll need to show Blitz Squadron member Ray back in the Vile Peaks 10AF. Time to go time traveling!
Topics Covered
-Where to find Blitz Squadron member Falcon
-What is the call sign of the Corporal ("Thunder")
-How to get the Falcon's Compass fragment [find all six survivors]
-How to get Blitz Squardron member Ray to talk with you
-How to get the Blitz Squadron Mission Report fragment [find all six survivors]
-Finding all missions / fragments in the Vile Peaks 200AF area
Items Found
-Falcon's Compass
-500 Crystarium Points (CP)

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