Where is The Elder Scrolls Online Preview? It’s coming

This weekend I was able to get some hardcore time in with The Elder Scrolls Online, and I'll be getting even more time this upcoming weekend with the game's PVP.

I was able to experience everything from the in-depth character creation, to the open ended world exploration. However, I can't really reveal much about it right now. Since the embargo on our coverage doesn't lift until 10am on Friday, you'll have to come back then.

If there is one single thing I can reveal right now, is that it certainly feels like an Elder Scrolls game, which I'm sure will ease the minds of many who feared the franchise's new online direction would ruin that epic sense of scope.

For the full written preview, make sure to check back on Friday at 10am ET / 7am PT.

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently scheduled to release on April 4th for PC and Mac, and June on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.