Where Is My Heart? devs ‘doing our very best’ to release on Steam this winter

Copenhagen, Denmark-based indie studio Die Gute Fabrik is doing everything it can to release Where Is My Heart? on Steam by the year's end.

The puzzle-platformer was due for PC and Mac on Steam in September, but that didn't happen.

"Unfortunately, development took so much longer than expected," wrote developer Bernie Schulenburg in a blog update today. "We’ve been delayed by plenty of things, deployment-related troubles. Bugs we found really hard to fix. Obscure system-related crashes. In short, not so much fun. Currently, we’re still dealing with a bug that crashes only some constellations of OSX 10.9 — very strange."

Schulenburg said the extra time will enable them to "add a little more here and there," including new levels (one of them shown above).

"We’re doing our very best to release this winter," he wrote.

Where Is My Heart? originally released on the PlayStation Network in 2011. We gave it a 9.5 out of 10.