What time is it? Call of Duty: Ghosts time!

Like the wise Zac Efron once asked in High School Musical 2, "What time is it?" No, it's not summer time. It's actually November, which means it's Call of Duty time — particularly Call of Duty: Ghosts time. The latest entry in Activision's blockbuster shooter franchise is set to release tomorrow and to celebrate the occasion, the publisher has released an infographic filled with all sorts of fun facts.

For example, did you know that every day gamers around the world play over 1,900 combined years of Call of Duty? That would span all the way back to 112AD. Or how about the fun fact that there have been 1.9 quadrillion respawns in multiplayer, which is 266,816 times more than the current world population of seven billion.

Check out the full infographic below and get ready for some Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer tomorrow.

Call of Duty infographic

And just for fun…