What OneDrive’s availability means to Xbox One owners

Today, Microsoft announced the worldwide availability of OneDrive, the cloud-based media sharing app formerly known as SkyDrive. For those unfamiliar, OneDrive gives you a place to store important photos, videos, and documents; but, what does it particularly mean for Xbox One owners?

For starters, it lets you share your greatest gaming moments on Xbox One. To do so, all you have to do is use the Xbox One's built-in Game DVR to capture those special moments, edit and personalize them, and then share them using OneDrive. And since it's stored in the cloud, you can access your media anywhere on any device, even a phone or tablet. 

With the app's release, your Xbox One can fully become the center of the living room. Imagine having a slideshow of pictures from a vacation that you want to show someone. Simply upload it to OneDrive and pull it up on your Xbox One.

Also new to OneDrive on Xbox One are achievements you can earn by performing certain actions. Here are a few examples: 

  • Week one winner – Open OneDrive on Xbox One in the first week
  • Week one wizard – Play 20 photos in a slideshow from your camera roll in the first week  
  • Hope those aren't all selfies… – View 10 photos from your camera roll
  • Long exposure – View 100,000 photos
  • On a roll – Watch five hours of slideshows
  • Now you're thinking with folders – Add a shared folder to OneGuide

Upon creation of a OneDrive account, you'll be given 7GB of free storage. However, you can increase that to 15GB for free by enabling camera roll backup (3G) and inviting friends (up to 5GB in 500MB increments.

As the name suggests, OneDrive allows all your important things to be stored in the cloud and easily accessed from your Xbox One.