What is Tekken Revolution?

Tomorrow's Nintendo Direct is going to focus on the 3DS. So it's interesting that a listing for a game called Tekken Revolution was spotted on the Australian Classification board.

The date of classification from Namco Bandai Games was yesterday, April 15. It is listed as multiplatform, but the Namco Bandai publishing schedule from May 2012 mentioned a Tekken game for the Nintendo 3DS. This schedule was released three months after the launch of Tekken 3D: Prime Edtition, which came out in February 2012.

That means that all this time there's been another Tekken title in the works for the 3DS. Is Tekken Revolution that game? Maybe we'll find out tomorrow at 10am ET. Maybe not. As usual, Namco Bandai declined to comment to Eurogamer when asked about the title.

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