Weekly Wrap-Up 8/19/11

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Wrap-Up. If you’ve missed any of the week’s reviews, previews, or editorials, you’ll find everything here, with links to each of our written features. This week we covered a lot of gaming goodness with new content, reviews for the hottest games, and original editorial pieces. Check it out!

Groove Coaster Review

Coming straight from the team behind Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, Groove Coaster offers a rhythm gaming experience for the iPhone and iPad. How well do the developers behind the successful shoot ’em up fare as they venture into a different genre? Check out GameZone’s Groove Coaster review to find out.

X-Men: The Arcade Game iPhone Review

When Marvel’s X-Men landed in arcades, the heroes managed to deliver a satisfying action game for players to spend countless quarters on. Now, the game has arrived on the iPhone. Is this mobile port of the classic game faithful to the original? We review X-Men: The Arcade Game for the iPhone and let you know.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review

Toy Soldiers: Cold War has launched on Xbox Live Arcade, and it looks to pack a nostalgic punch with some tower defense gameplay. Does the game manage to deliver on all fronts? How does Toy Soldiers: Cold War stack up overall? Check out our review of the game and find out.

Cthulhu Saves the World Review

When the evil Cthulhu loses his mighty powers, it is up to him to save the world and gain them back in order to unleash insanity upon civilization. Players must guide the monster through several dungeons in this retro-inspired turn-based RPG. Does this quirky title deliver the goods in terms of quality? GameZone reviews Cthulhu Saves the World.

Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension Review

Disney’s Phineas and Ferb attempt to make a splash on the video game scene, but do they pull it off? Is this title worth playing, or is it strictly meant for the kiddies? Check out our review of Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension for the skinny on this game.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Review

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron may be a beautiful game, but how well does it play? GameZone’s Mike Splechta gives you his thoughts on the title in this in-depth review. Should you play El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron?

Angels & Airwaves Presents Love Movie Review

GameZone’s David Sanchez attended the one-night only film screening of rock band Angels & Airwaves’ feature film Love. How did this art-house sci-fi film fare as it attempted to exude numerous emotions within its audience? Find out in our movie review for Angels & Airwaves Presents Love.

Counter-Strike: Global Offense Preview – First Look

The Counter-Strike series is back with Global Offense, the upcoming entry that looks to breathe new life into the franchise. We take a quick look at the game as we prepare to play it for ourselves. Check out the first look at Counter Strike: Global Offense right here on GameZone.

Hard Reset Preview

Hard Reset seemingly came out of nowhere, but we’d be lying if its old school first-person shooter gameplay and impressive HD visuals didn’t pique our interest. Should you be excited for the launch of Hard Reset? GameZone previews the upcoming shooter and gives you the full details.

Are Microsoft Kinect and PlayStation Move the Future of Gaming?

With such an emphasis on motion gaming, in what direction is the industry headed? Have the Wii, Microsoft Kinect, and PlayStation Move paved the way for the future of gaming? GameZone looks at the motion gaming trend in this analytical editorial.

The Battlefield 3 Phenomenon

GameZone’s Joe Donato discusses Battlefield 3 and its apparent war on Call of Duty. Is this upcoming military shooter determined to offer something different to attract the attention of gamers? Or does it simply want to provide another FPS experience that can garner the interest of fans of the genre and make them try out something besides Call of Duty? Be sure to check out this special feature on Battlefield 3.

Top 10 Franchises That Need a Reboot

What video game franchises need a serious overhaul? What classic series deserve to get restructured, remastered, and reinvented? GameZone presents 10 franchises that are in major need of a reboot.

Super Sonic: 20 Years and Running Strong

We take a look at Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20 years in gaming and celebrate some of the blue blur’s most memorable moments. Sure, there’s a lot of hate for the series, but there are also fans who to this day continue to appreciate what Sonic has to offer. We look back at Sonic the Hedgehog in a positive way in this feature editorial.

Justifying Call of Duty and Its Relevance in the Industry

A lot of gamers love the Call of Duty series. Alternatively, there are a bunch of gamers who really hate the franchise. Why all the hate, though? GameZone comes to the aid of one of the best-selling first-person shooter series in the history of the industry.

Top Five Minor Characters Who Deserve Their Own Game

So much emphasis is always put on characters like Mario and Master Chief. But what about the memorable supporting characters? What about the characters who are still an integral part of a game, even if they aren’t the stars of the show? We present five minor characters who should have the lead in their own games.

BurgerTime: World Tour Interview

GameZone writer Robert Workman scores an interview with MonkeyPaw Games President John Greiner, who talks about the upcoming BurgerTime: World Tour. What can gamers expect from the upcoming revival of this old school classic when it launches? Learn more about BurgerTime: World Tour in this exclusive interview.

Jessica’s Appinion: Milk and Coffee & Stamp Art Fever

GameZone’s Jessica Sheriff takes two more apps for a spin as she seeks out the best mobile games for Apple platform users. This week, she plays Milk and Coffee and Stamp Art Fever. Which of these two titles is worth a purchase?

Top Five Reasons PSN Play Is a Good Idea

Sony recently announced its very own summer promotion, PSN Play, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t think it was an awesome concept. GameZone gives you five reasons indicating that PSN Play is a great idea, and a good move for the PlayStation 3.

Inspect Your Gadgets – GameZone’s 10 Best Gaming Gear and Gadgets

What gaming accessories are worth your hard-earned cash? What gadgets should you be interested in obtaining? Simply put, what are the most awesome pieces of gamer gear currently on the market? We present the 10 best gadgets for gamers.

10 Survival Lessons Dead Island Can Teach Us

Most of us already have general knowledge on how to survive a zombie apocalypse while in the city. But what are we going to do if we’re vacationing and the undead deem it appropriate to strike? GameZone offers 10 great survival tips that we can take from Dead Island and employ if we’re caught off guard by hordes of zombies while on a tropical paradise.

The Most Dangerous Grenades in Games

GameZone presents a lighthearted look at some of the most dangerous grenades in all of gaming. What have we taken from the Jersey Shore and applied to our gaming lives as we look at some of the craziest/most embarrassing/most harmful explosives in video games? Find out in this special editorial.

Technology vs. Turn-Based RPGs

With so much attention put into fancy graphics, impressive explosions, and realistic characters, what does the future hold for the classic turn-based RPG? GameZone looks at this iconic genre and discusses whether or not fans should be worried about a possible decline given the fact that, from a presentational standpoint, the times are a-changin’.

You’re Not a Real Gamer If …

Now more than ever, too many gamers consider themselves more hardcore than others, and they ridiculously look down upon those who they believe aren’t “real gamers.” But what constitutes a real gamer? Does liking a certain title or genre more or less than others make someone a true gamers? GameZone’s Lance Liebl looks at this touchy subject and dissects the ever-imposing elitist gamer.