Weekly Wrap-Up 8/12/11

Well, it’s the end of another week, and if you missed any of GameZone’s biggest features, we’ve got you covered. Looking for the latest review? Perhaps you’re interested in checking out some original editorial content. We’ve got all of that and more right here in our Weekly Wrap-Up.

Pixel Racer Review

Pixel Racer for the iPhone offers a decent challenge and fun gameplay, but does it have the lasting value to keep you coming back for more? GameZone takes a look at this quirky little iOS download. For a full look at the game, check out our review of Pixel Racer.

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions Review

Looking past the odd save functionality, is Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions a worthwhile purchase for Nintendo 3DS owners? Should early adopters of Nintendo’s latest handheld shell out the cash for this collection of games by Namco Bandai? Check out GameZone’s review of Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions and find out.

Bleach: Soul Resureccion Review

Bleach: Soul Resureccion has landed, and it looks to deliver the goods for anime fans. GameZone reviews this hack-and-slash title and gives you the details on the story and gameplay. Is this the game Bleach fans have been waiting for? Find out in our Bleach: Soul Resureccion review.

Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

Fruit Ninja has arrived on the Xbox 360. Is it as enjoyable as it seemed when it was first announced? GameZone gives you a look at this fruit-slashing motion game and tells you whether or not this should be your next big purchase if you’re a Kinect owner. Read our full Fruit Ninja Kinect review for details.

Jack of All Tribes Review

If you’re looking for a deep gaming experience on the iPhone, look no further than Jack of All Tribes. The game offers solid gameplay and an excellent presentation, and it’s certainly a worthy choice for more serious gamers who own an iOS device. Check out GameZone’s in-depth review of Jack of All Tribes and see why you should download this title ASAP.

Puerto Rico HD Review

Puerto Rico has made its way to the iPad, but how does the popular board game fare now that it’s taken the digital entertainment route? GameZone gives you a close look at Puerto Rico HD in this review of the game. Should iPad owners shell out the cash for this board game experience?

ION iCade Review

Now that the ION iCade has been released, is it everything iPad owners could ever hope for? Does the functionality of this “arcade cabinet” justify the price tag? GameZone gives you the pros and cons of the ION iCade in this special product review.

Madden NFL 12 – Top Five Running Backs

Continuing our Madden NFL 12 coverage, we proudly present the top five running backs in the game. GameZone delivers the stats of the top five players in this special sports game feature. Football fanatics, be sure to check it out.

Top 10 Games I Like to Play with My Pants Off

GameZone writer David Sanchez gives you a list of 10 awesome games he loves to play completely devoid of pants. Check out this feature here on GameZone, and let us know what games you like to play while wearing only your skivvies!

[E-Sports dail-E] Editorial: Tournaments – Oversaturation or Opportunity?

GameZone’s resident E-sports specialist Dustin Steiner weighs in on competitive gaming tournaments. Is this becoming an overly saturated trend? Or are tournaments a good thing? Find out on this editorial edition of E-Sports Dail-E.

Top 25 PS1 Games You Need to Own (#25 – #21)

The original PlayStation was rife with solid releases during its lifespan. GameZone takes a look at some of the best PS1 games developed. What titles should you fish out if you missed them during the console’s heyday?

Madden NFL 12 – Top Five Quarterbacks

We continue to give you the top players in the upcoming Madden NFL 12. This time, we take a look at the top five quarterbacks in the game. What do you think of the stats in Madden NFL 12 thus far?

Seven of the Stupidest Video Game Titles of All Time

Sometimes, video games have completely absurd titles that range from laughable to just plain ridiculous. GameZone takes a look at seven games with some of the stupidest titles we’ve ever heard.

Top 10 Resident Evil Scary Moments

GameZone writer and Resident Evil lover Stephanie Carmichael gives you 10 of the scariest moments in the history of Capcom’s famed survival horror franchise. What moments offer the most chilling and eerie experiences in Resident Evil?

Top Five Video Game Weapons That Will Literally Blow You Away

Explosions in gaming are commonplace. But what weapons have offered the biggest bang over the years? GameZone takes a look at some of the most kick-ass weapons over the course of gaming. These are the big guns that give off even bigger explosions!

Top 25 PS1 Games You Need to Own (#20 – #16)

You know what PS1 platformers you should be checking out if you missed them during their original run, but Sony’s first console was about more than just run-and-jump games. GameZone gives you another five awesome titles for the PS1 that you should own.

Top 25 PS1 Games You Need to Own (#15 – #11)

Did you miss out on some quality PS1 gaming back in the day? If so, check out our exclusive list of games to own for Sony’s original platform. This time, we give you five great games that trigger-happy players are sure to want to sink their teeth into.

Top Five Games to Play with Your Special Lady

For many guys, gaming with the special girl in their life can be an awesome experience. Whether you’re dating a gamer girl (lucky you!) or a woman who doesn’t play many video games (aww), here is a list of five awesome games to play together.

Top 25 PS1 Games You Need to Own (#10 – #6)

The PlayStation was host to many great RPGs. GameZone gives you the best of the best as we continue our coverage of the top PS1 games you should own. Here are five stellar RPGs that fans of the genre should not go without.

What’s So Bad About Rail Shooters?

The rail shooter is an odd genre to say the least. Though there are certainly great on-rails experiences out there, it’s kind of a hard genre to market. GameZone writer Joe Donato takes a look at the rail shooter and discusses what is looked down upon in regards to on-rails games.

Madden NFL12 – Cowboys and Giants Ratings

ESPN reveals ratings for the Cowboys and Giants. How do these two teams stack up? GameZone gives you a quick look at the stats for these two football teams.

Top 10 Games Hipsters Hate

Hipsters gonna hate! GameZone gives you the top 10 games that you should bust out (or start a discussion on) when you feel the presence of a creepy hipster. These 10 games should definitely keep those freaks at bay!

Madden NFL 12 – Eagles and Redskins Ratings

GameZone takes a look at two more teams from Madden NFL 12. This time, we give you the stats of the Eagles and Redskins. What do you think? Will you be playing as either of these two when Madden NFL 12 launches?

Jessica’s Appinion: Warpspeed & CurveBot

GameZone’s resident iPhone app expert Jessica Sheriff is at it again. This week, she plays Warpspeed and CurveBot. How do these two titles fare? Should iPhone owners rush to download them? Find out in this week’s edition of Jessica’s Appinion.

Top 25 PS1 Games You Need to Own (#5 – #1)

We round up our special feature on original PlayStation games with the top five titles you need to own. Check it out, and if you have yet to play these games, be sure to snag them and fire them up!

GameZone’s Interview with Gaijin Games

GameZone’s Vito Gesualdi sits down with indie developer Gaijin Games (Bit.Trip series). In this exclusive interview, the developer discusses the Bit.Trip games, indie gaming, retro titles, and much, much more. Be sure to check out this very special two-part video interview.

Big in Japan – Xenoblade Import Review

We take a look at an import copy of Xenoblade for the Nintendo Wii. How does this RPG experience stack up? GameZone’s Richard Eisenbeis gives you a full video review of this highly desired Wii game.

Big in Japan – Rhythm Heaven Wii Import Review

We’ve got one more import review courtesy of Richard Eisenbeis. Watch as he reviews Rhythm Heaven for the Nintendo Wii. Is this an enjoyable title for music game lovers?

Flash Game of the Week: Chuck Norris World

Got some free time for a Flash game? Want to kick ass with the legendary Chuck Norris? Then be sure to check out Chuck Norris World, and take the fight to some of gaming’s most classic franchises.