Weekly Wrap-Up 7/29/11

Another week has passed us by, and we’ve got a ton of content for you to check out. Did you happen to miss any of GameZone’s reviews, previews, or original content this week? If so, scope it all out below!

Outland Review

Outland offers a surreal, majestic side-scrolling experience and properly combines platforming and bullet hell gameplay to provide a challenging experience that’s both satisfying and emotional. Check out our full review, and see just why you should give Outland a download.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review

Call of Juarez: The Cartel takes you back to the gritty Mexican drug scene and delivers a highly promising concept. But does it manage to live up to its potential? Check out GameZone’s review of Call of Juarez: The Cartel and find out.

Michael Phelps: Push the Limit Preview

Michael Phelps hasn’t exactly been his successful self as of late. So it’s only fitting that his upcoming game follow in his footsteps, right? GameZone takes a look at Michael Phelps: Push the Limit, a Kinect game that’s already starting to show that it’ll probably sink before it swims.

Rusty Hearts Preview

GameZone takes Rusty Hearts for a spin and gives you the skinny on this MMO. How does the game look? How does it play? Does it offer an addictive and rewarding MMO experience? Check out our Rusty Hearts preview to find out.

Arma III Preview

Scheduled to launch next summer, Arma III looks to provide a more realistic approach at the military shooter. Featuring realistic tactical mechanics and impressive visuals, what can gamers and fans of the military genre expect from this upcoming title? Check out GameZone’s preview of Arma III and get the details.

Realm of the Titans Preview

Realm of the Titans looks to provide its take on the highly successful DotA formula. But how well does it execute its gameplay and style? GameZone gives you an in-depth look at this upcoming MMO and tells you whether or not Realm of the Titans is a game worth watching out for if you’re a fan of the genre.

Top Five Video Games to Watch on YouTube

Watching play-throughs of some of your favorite games on YouTube can be a total blast. What single-player adventures are the best to check out when you’d rather be watching than playing? GameZone presents the Top Five Video Games to Watch on YouTube.

Why L.A. Noire’s Creators Should Play Phoenix Wright

L.A. Noire is easily one of the most engaging adventure games to come along in years. But what if Rockstar and Team Bondi had taken a bit of inspiration from Capcom’s Phoenix Wright series? Is it possible that some aspects of the game could have been executed in a much better fashion?

Top Five Ways to Ruin Your Sim’s Life

We’ve all done it before. There’s something eerily enjoyable about taking a Sim, torturing it, and ruining its life. GameZone takes a look at the series and gives you the best ways to ruin your Sims’ digital little lives.

Super Ultimate Article IV Written by Me vs. Capcom X

Capcom seems to get a lot of joy out of releasing constant updated versions of its fighting games. Seriously, though, what the hell is up with that? GameZone writer Lance Liebl lets his frustrations out and vents about this formulaic marketing strategy that Capcom employs all too often.

Top 25 Games to Play Before Summer Is Over (#25 – #21)

Summer is a slow season for gaming, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some notable titles worth playing. That also doesn’t mean you can’t get started on your backlog of unplayed games. GameZone presents the first five games (out of 25) that you should be playing during this hot summer season.

Catherine vs. Katherine

Catherine has launched in North America, and we need to know: Which girl would be a better pick for Vincent? Is Catherine’s naughty and carefree attitude the way to go? Or should he stick with the serious and controlling Katherine? GameZone analyzes these two femme fatales.

Top 25 Games to Play Before Summer Is Over (#20 – #16)

Still can’t find anything to play this summer? Maybe you should go back and check out some titles that you may have missed. Here are five more games you should not miss playing this summer. Let’s face it, summer’s going by pretty slowly, and you need to get some good gaming in!

Jessica’s Appinion: Hungry Chicks & Nine Heroes

GameZone’s app specialist Jessica Sheriff returns for more downloadable app goodness. This time, she takes a look at Hungry Chicks and Nine Heroes. Which of these two titles are worth your time?

Top 25 Games to Play Before the Summer Is Over (#15 – #11)

Are there any games you missed out on in the past? Perhaps you’d like to know what oldies but goodies you should fish out of the bargain bin? Here are five more games you should be checking out this summer. You know, before we get a big rush of releases in the fall and winter.

Batman: Arkham City vs. Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Two comic book heroes are making their respective returns to video game consoles this October. With a successful outing behind them, it’s obvious both Batman and Spider-Man are looking to provide yet another enjoyable action-packed experience with Arkham City and Edge of Time. What game should you be more stoked about and why?

GameZone’s Epic Boss Battles (Nostalgia Warning)

We all love a good boss battle. As gamers, some of our fondest memories include stressing out over how to defeat some of the biggest baddies we’ve ever faced. GameZone presents five of the most epic boss battles ever. Ever!

Top 25 Games to Play Before the Summer Is Over (#10 – #6)

Want to mix things up this summer? Maybe there are some older games you want to check out. Or maybe you’re forgetting about some more recent releases. GameZone gives you five more options to cure your summer gaming blues.

Battleship Trailer Ruins Favorite Childhood Game

Battleship, the game, is awesome. Battleship, the film, not so much. Sure, we still haven’t watched it, but after seeing the trailer, which features alien spaceships, we can’t help but feel that Hollywood is once again crapping on everything that makes childhood nostalgia so special. Hollywood, what have you done to Battleship?!

Madden NFL 12 – AFC East Breakdown

Are you looking forward to Madden NFL 12? If the game’s August 30 launch date seems too far away, distract yourself with GameZone’s breakdown of the AFC East division. Want to know your favorite team’s stats? Then check out this look at the upcoming Madden NFL 12 without hesitation.

Madden NFL 12 – AFC South Breakdown

Want more football? We continue our coverage of the August-bound Madden NFL 12. Check out GameZone’s breakdown of the AFC South division if you want to know everything about your top team’s stats.

Madden NFL 12 – NFC East Breakdown

GameZone has even more stats for you football fans. Be sure to check out our breakdown of the NFC East division’s stats if you’re eagerly anticipating the launch of the next entry in the Madden series.

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