Weekly Wrap-Up 6/24/11

GameZone is rife with new content this week, and just in case you missed anything, be sure to scope out our quick recap below. We’ve got plenty of reviews and previews on this fine June day, and if you’ve still got a hankering for some E3 goodness, we have a little of that, too.

Naval Warfare Review

We just want to know one thing. If you release a game and it fails horribly, what makes you think releasing it a year later and stripping away one word from the title will make it fare any better? Check out our review of Naval Warfare right here on GameZone, but please, don’t check out Naval Warfare.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Review

The 3DS gets a round of footy with the latest in the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. Is this portable soccer game good enough to keep fans of the legendary sport entertained when they’re on the go? Check out GameZone’s full Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D review and find out.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review

More a tactical squad-based experience and less a frantic run-and-gun shooter, Operation Flashpoint: Red River offers a lot to like for fans of the genre looking for something that isn’t very fast-paced. Should you play this game? Our Operation Flashpoint: Red River review gives you the hard details.

Diversion Review

Sometimes a game can surprise you with its depth and fun factor. Though it may seem like a good casual offering given its title, Diversion offers more than just that with its intuitive, addictive, and challenging run-and-jump mechanics. Read the full review for more on this mobile gem.

Fable III DLC Review

It would be a lie to say that Fable III is an unplayable game, even if it was fairly disappointing. The same, however, cannot be said about the game’s DLC Quest Packs. GameZone gives you the rundown on this laughably bad add-on content.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

Film-to-video game adaptations are usually rubbish. That’s why it’s always surprising when an enjoyable movie-based game hits consoles. Transformers: Dark of the Moon is far from perfect, but it is a lot of fun. Check out our in-depth review and see if you should give this action game a spin.

Trenched Review

The folks over at Double Fine are back with more ingenious ideas and enthralling concepts. Trenched is a successfully satirical look at the World War II era. It might not be realistic, but you can bet it’s freaking awesome. Check out our review of Trenched and see why you should spend some Microsoft Points on this downloadable title.

Shadows of the Damned Review

Suda51, Shinji Mikami, and Akira Yamaoka join forces to deliver Shadows of the Damned, a third-person shooter that successfully combines all three of the famed individuals’ styles and concepts. Over-the-top and never dull, Shadows of the Damned is a game for anyone with a good sense of humor and an affinity for stellar action games. Read GameZone’s review of the game for more.

inFamous 2 Review

GameZone’s Mike Splechta takes you along for the ride as he checks out inFamous 2. Is this the hottest game of the summer? GameZone reveals the answer to that question in an in-depth review.

Rayman Origins Preview

GameZone’s Ben PerLee takes a close look at Rayman Origins, the super promising side-scrolling platformer from Ubisoft that looks to bring Rayman back to his adventuring roots. How is the game shaping up? Check out our Rayman Origins preview to see for yourself.

Gotham City Imposters E3 2011 Preview

While Batman: Arkham City will capture the dark and gritty feel of the Batman universe, Gotham City Imposters will provide ridiculous characters and fun shooting gameplay. How is the game looking so far? We give it a go at E3 and give you a hands-on impression of Gotham City Imposters.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Preview

Mini-game collections on the Wii are a dime a dozen. Sure, the genre isn’t as prevalent on Nintendo’s shiny console as it once was, but we still get the occasional party game here and there. The next major game in the genre to watch out for is Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Games, and surprisingly, it seems like a fun title to play with others, but it is definitely geared toward the kiddies. Should you be interested in getting one more mini-game compilation on the Wii? Read our preview of the game to see if Mario and Sonic’s latest endeavor is worth watching out for.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Preview

The first entry in the Halo franchise is getting a much-deserved makeover. How does the game look and play? GameZone’s close look at Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary delivers the goods and tells you why you should be excited if you’re an old school Halo fan.

BioShock Infinite Preview

Easily one of the most anticipated games right now, BioShock Infinite continues to show tons of promise, and we simply cannot wait for the game’s 2012 launch. For now, though, we can at least provide a telling preview of this upcoming title to whet your BioShock Infinite appetite just a bit more.

Devil May Cry—It Could Be Worse

There has been massive negative reaction from Devil May Cry fans regarding the new look of protagonist Dante. All we have to say is it could most definitely be worse. A lot worse. Seriously.

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Wish List

What do we want to see from Modern Warfare 3? What features, tweaks, and surprises should the next entry in the long-running military first-person shooter series sport to make it stand out among its predecessors? GameZone looks ahead at Modern Warfare 3 in this multiplayer wish list.

WWE ’12: Will It Fix the Current Problem?

The WWE series of games has seen a steady decline over the past several years. WWE ’12 looks to change all of that, but is it offering enough substantial changes to make the series fun again? Will WWE ’12 fix the current problem with wrestling games?

Top Five Games That Need a Kick in the Ass

Successful as they may be, a number of franchises need some serious tough love. What series need some overhauls and fixes to ensure that they properly convey the attitude of their predecessors while offering something noticeably new? What games need a serious kick in the ass? Find out in our top five.

Top 10 Third-Party Sequels We Want on Wii U

At this year’s E3, the Wii U was touted as being an innovative machine that would entice third-party developers to bring content to the system. What franchises do we really want to see appear on an HD Nintendo console? Here are the top 10 third-party sequels to existing franchises that should make their presence known on the Big N’s upcoming hardware.