Weekly Wrap-Up: Where all my dragons at?

As another Sunday winds down, it's only fitting that we prepare for the next week in gaming. And what better way to do that than to reminisce on the biggest stories of the past few days? On this edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up, we peruse the latest reviews, a preview (yeah, only one), and some sweet opinionated content that you can disagree with. Check it all out here in one convenient spot.


Soul Sacrifice Delta Review: Sorcerer's apprentice

This is quite possibly the greatest Vita game thus far.

Outlast Whistleblower Review: A bit of the old ultra-violence

This expansion manages to outshine the main game in a big way.

Cel Damage HD Review: I never asked for this

Seriously, did anyone ever even want this? Aside from that one guy who doesn't know any better.

Mario Kart 8 Review: Off the wall

Nintendo's kart racer is back, and it's a total riot on the Wii U.

DreadOut review: Dreadful

The only thing scary is how bad all of these horror games are turning out to be.

The Last Tinker: City of Colors Review: Play the rainbow

Bold and colorful throughout, this gorgeous title is a fitting throwback to old school 3D platformers.

Elder Scrolls Online Review: The Legend of Solitare

I mean, it's not bad, but it's certainly not the next big MMO. But hey, Elder Scrolls fans will like it!

Kinect Sports Rivals Review: Hey, I'm using my Kinect!

Don't get this if you buy the Kinect-less Xbox One. Just sayin'.


Black Gold Online Preview: Gritty Steampunk meets vibrant fantasy

Age of Wushu developer Snail Games is prepping for the launch of its next big game.

GZ Originals

Phil Spencer’s job thus far has been nothing but righting the wrongs of the past year

Hey, someone had to do it, right?

Boy, that Far Cry 4 cover seems a bit tasteless

Whiteboy power fantasy, bro!

WildStar interview with game design producer Stephan Frost: optimization, concerns, guild housing and more

We get more insight on this major MMO straight from the source.

If Sony doesn't stop chasing that AAA dragon it's going to kill the Vita

Popular franchises and genres are great, but unique titles are also important to the Vita's success.

The negative side of an Xbox One without Kinect

Contrary to popular belief, there could be a downside to this. No, really!

Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: Nom Nom Galaxy is more than just PixelJunk Terraria

Q-Games is doing its own thing with the sandbox genre, and it's quite good thus far.

Up Up Down Down: Mortal Kombat

This is easily one of the best fighters in recent memory, and only a few things stick out as far as negatives are concerned.

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