Weekly wrap-up: Thanksgiving leftover sandwich edition

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Nitpick: Bosses that aren't fun

Sometimes there’s absolutely nothing enjoyable about boss battles in games. What gives?!

Interview: Talking with Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO and Co-Founder of MLG on the future of eSports at the MLG Fall Championships

GameZone chats it up with Sundance DiGiovanni at the MLG Fall Championships.

Why Deadly Premonition is a cult hit (and should stay that way)

With its gripping story and characters, this cult classic is better off staying away from a big budget.

How Call of Duty: Black Ops II succeeds where Medal of Honor: Warfighter fails

Too many issues kept EA’s military shooter from succeeding while Activision’s FPS took fans by storm once more.

GameZone's very serious list of top 50 Wii games

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Why PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale deserves a chance to succeed

Smash Bros. clone arguments notwithstanding, Sony’s fighter definitely deserves a chance to shine.

A Look to the Past: November 15th

We look back at Microsoft’s venture into video game consoles with the original Xbox and Halo.

Interview: Schooled's Christa Charter (aka Trixie 360)

GameZone talks to Christa Carter about her book Schooled.

Talking With Sarge: An interview with Rooster Teeth's Matt Hullum

GameZone gets some insight on Red vs. Blue after talking to Rooster Teeth’s Matt Hullum.

GameZone's 2012 holiday gift guide for gamers

Need a little help with your holiday shopping? GameZone has you covered with everything from games to books and more.

Things we love and things we don't about Nintendo's Wii U

The Wii U is off to a hot start, and like any console, it has its pros and its cons.

25 things GameZone and gamers are thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day

What were we thankful for this Thanksgiving? A lot, actually.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 map strategies

Need an edge while playing Black Ops 2 multiplayer? Check out our special guide for some cool details and tips.

Aftermath, Cargo

Nitpick: Arbitrary choice

What’s the point of making decisions in games if they’re not going to have an impactful effect?

Interview: Double Fine artist shrinks huge movie moments into art

Scott Campbell shares his thoughts on turning great film moments into art pieces in his new book.

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Thanksgiving has come and gone, but you know you’re still viciously slamming yourself face first into a pile of mashed potatoes or concocting a sandwich made up entirely of delicious leftovers. Well, that’s the case with this edition of GameZone’s weekly wrap-up. We’ve got load of content ranging from reviews to editorials, and it’s enough to leave you feeling satisfied. We’re covering two weeks of gaming goodness here, so be prepared to feel stuffed.


Review: Generic DS brawler (guest starring the Thundercats)

Oh, Thundercats, why did you have to be so bad? Seriously, even the level of nostalgia was lacking in this beat ‘em up.

Review: Midway Arcade Origins reminds us of a time when games were meant to kick our a**

This compilation of 31 classic arcade titles will bestow unforgiving gameplay upon everyone who dares touch it.

Review: Skyfall aims for the heart and soul of Bond

James Bond’s latest adventure is fast-paced and action-packed, and it may be his best outing yet.

The Walking Dead recap and review: 'Say the Word' slows it down, even as Rick goes nuts

What happens as The Walking Dead delves deeper into Rick’s slowly deteriorating mind?

Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 another electrifying entry from Treyarch

Black Ops 2 delivers yet another incredible military FPS experience, right down to its addictive multiplayer and meaningful campaign.

Review: F1 Race Stars is Mario Kart meets Formula One

We’ve already seen kart racers like this before, but that doesn’t mean this one’s a complete bore. F1 Race Stars is an unoriginal yet entertaining racer.

Review: Angry Birds Star Wars proves that hokey religions and ancient weapons are a perfect match for Angry Birds

If you’ve been following either Angry Birds or Star Wars, you should probably check out this mobile title.

Review: Persona 4 Golden is all that glitters

Atlus delivers one hell of a Persona game and gives fans of the genre and the series something to really enjoy wholeheartedly.

Review: Pokemon Black and White 2 plays it safe and feels a bit too familiar

The latest Pokemon releases may not exactly be groundbreaking, but they’re still as enjoyable as the series has ever been.

Review: Transformers Prime for 3DS is rusty but surprisingly well-oiled

3DS-owning Transformers fans are in store for a satisfying and rewarding beat ‘em up romp.

Review: Ragnarok Tactics is great, if a little on the easy side

This tactical RPG for PSP is an awesome adventure that’s totally memorable, even if it isn’t all that challenging.

Review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star sees the brilliant return of our favorite paper plumber

Mario is back in paper form and provides a truly wonderful 3DS experience.

Review: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a love letter to both kart racing and Sega

The latest Sonic racer isn’t just a love letter to the Sega brand — it’s also a love letter to fans of kart racers everywhere.

Review: Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified is big letdown for Vita owners

Stick to the console version of Black Ops 2, because this military FPS on the Vita is an absolute mess.

Review: Dokuro is a puzzler's paradise

With its charming art style and clever puzzles, this Vita title is certainly worth playing.

Review: Pokédex 3D Pro is exactly what it should be

 Its somewhat hefty $15 price tag notwithstanding, this 3DS app is great for fans of the tiny pocket-sized critters.

Review: Cabela's Hunting Expeditions shoots itself in the foot – twice

Smashing a cockroach is probably more fun than playing this weak hunting game.

Review: Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two isn't all that epic

Though there’s some genuine entertainment to be had with Mickey and Oswald’s colorful romp, it still has a few glaring weaknesses.

Review: The Sims 3 Seasons brings good cheer

This expansion to The Sims 3 is a wholesome experience for fans of the series looking for a bit of festive cheer.

Review: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale a must-have for Sony fans

Sony’s crossover fighter is a highly entertaining fighting game experience worth checking out.

Review: ZombiU has annoyances, but still scares you silly

Wii U owners get a delightfully frightening game with ZombiU. It’s great to see a return to form for survival horror.

Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is Twilight at its most tolerable

This may be the least annoying movie in the Twilight series, but that doesn’t mean it’s any good.

The Walking Dead recap and review: 'Hounded' brings us the collision we've all been waiting for

We’re treated to one of the most exciting episodes of The Walking Dead yet.

Review: Nintendo Land is a shining example of a launch title

This is a prime example of both a console pack-in and a mini-game collection done right. Cheers to Nintendo Land for being way cooler than Wii Sports.

Review: New Super Mario Bros. U is classic platforming, with an HD coat

Mario makes his HD debut in prime fashion, delivering a great 2D platforming romp appropriate for Wii U owners.

Review: Lego Lord of the Rings is precious stuff

Lord of the Rings fans, here’s your stellar Lego game. Enjoy it for all of its awesomeness.

Review: Hitman Absolution is deadly, clean and precise

Agent 47 is back in one of the most memorable entries in the Hitman franchise to date.

Review: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Vita makes portable brawling a powerful reality

This Sony-branded fighter is just as fun on the Vita as it is on the PlayStation 3.

Review: Rise of the Guardians the movie stands above traditional mushy Holiday fare

If you’re looking for a great holiday flick, Rise of the Guardians delivers the goods.

Review: Red Dawn is what Homefront should have been

Great characters and awesome action make this film a fun watch for moviegoers.

Review: Life of Pi shows beauty, says too much

This movie may not be all that memorable, but it’s certainly a visual treat.

Review: Pid is a beautiful yet underwhelming puzzle platformer that's easy to adore and difficult to enjoy

This puzzle platformer is amazingly lovely to look at. It’s just not very fun to play.

Review: Tank! Tank! Tank! is repetitive but rambunctious fun! fun! fun!

It may get a bit monotonous, but this Wii U launch title is still worth checking out.

Review: Transformers Prime – The Game provides good fan service, but motion controls get in the way of the fun

If you’re a Transformers Prime fan, the recent Wii adaptation may be for you. Just expect a lot of Wiimote waggle.