Weekly wrap-up: Sunday night edition

I know, I know. It took me a while to get the weekly wrap-up posted here on GameZone. But what could you expect? It was IndieCade 2012 weekend, and I love me some indie games, so I was pretty busy talking to some devs, buying cool merch, and beholding the very presence of people like Phil Fish and Anna Anthropy. In any case, here’s a Sunday night edition of the wrap-up recapping all of the latest content on GameZone. If you missed any reviews or previews, you’ll find them all here.


Hotel Transylvania review (Movies)

You know what you should do? Not watch Hotel Transylvania, that’s what. Save your cash or watch ParaNorman instead.

FIFA 13 review (Xbox 360, PS3)

It may not exactly offer anything revolutionary or remarkably fresh, but this soccer title delivers an outstanding formula that works impressively.

Fire Pro Wrestling review (Xbox 360, PS3)

A pox on this title for soiling the blessed name of Fire Pro! A pox I say!

Review: Resident Evil 6 fails to live to up series' standards

 A lot of people were expecting Capcom’s latest round of zombie blasting to blow. A lot of people were right.

Review: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is a frustrating acquired taste (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

 Ridiculously challenging and ludicrously frustrating puzzles make this latest investigation an acquired taste at best.

Sonic Adventure 2 review (Xbox 360, PS3)

If you were a fan of this escapade starring the blue blur back when the game first launched, chances are this HD remake will bring back fond memories.

Review: NBA 2K13 is the best there currently is, but still room for improvement (Xbox 360, PS3)

If you want to play a basketball game, you’ve really only got one option. Thankfully, that option is an all-around solid experience.

NiGHTS Into Dreams HD review (Xbox 360, PS3)

Featuring a ton of accessibility and some neat extras, this HD remake of a Saturn classic shines through and through.

FTL: Faster Than Light review (PC)

Addictive, engaging, and captivating — this game’s spirit proves that simplicity can often be infused into the utmost incredible of games.

Taken 2 review (Movies)
It may not be very smart – in fact, it’s quite stupid – but this follow-up to Taken can still provide plenty of enjoyment for the appropriate audience.

Frankenweenie review (Movies)

Tim Burton’s latest is hardly all that exciting, but it’s rife with enough of the filmmaker’s personality to make it worthwhile.


DMC: Devil May Cry hands-on

If you’ve had your doubts about this Devil May Cry reboot, worry not, for it seems that what we’re getting is potentially one hell of a ride.

Worms Revolution hands-on

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer, this worm-exploding fest looks to deliver a satisfying and comical experience.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance hands-on

Platinum Games’ upcoming project may be different from what we expect out of Kojima Productions' famed IP, but it already seems to be a stellar action ride from start to finish.

DC Universe Online: Hand of Fate DLC 5 preview

If you’re a DCUO fan looking for more content, that’s exactly what you’re getting, and it’s all pretty damn entertaining.

Medal of Honor Warfighter campaign hands-on

This upcoming military shooter’s single-player mode will likely be a distraction at best. Here’s hoping the multiplayer is a blast.

Preview: MechWarrior Online arms itself for some explosive multiplayer

Though this beta left a bit to be desired, it’s certainly on the right path to providing an entertaining experience for fans of mech shooters.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan preview

If you’re looking for some more Lord of the Rings goodness with solid storytelling and wondrous atmosphere, Riders of Rohan will likely be for you.

GZ Originals

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What brawlers are missing from the current roster in Sony’s upcoming fighter?

Let's Talk About Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan

We recap and discuss the latest Doctor Who adventure.

Are we nearing the end for dedicated portable systems in the U.S.?

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GameZone scopes out an awesome online multiplayer title.

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Interview with Playboy's Miss October Pamela Horton about World of Warcraft, League of Legends, her cred and gamers' reactions

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A Look to the Past: October 4th

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We live in an age of Free to Play, and the future is looking good

The free-to-play space is quickly becoming home to some truly stellar projects. Here are just a few examples.

Nitpick: camera is king

On behalf of everyone ever, we would like to give a big middle finger to sh*tty camera design. You’re welcome.

Resident Evil 6 video review

Yeah, this game isn’t that great … or all that good. We're going to play something else now, actually.

Borderlands 2 class breakdown: Zer0 the Assassin

Hoping to play Borderlands 2 as Zer0? Check out our class guide for this character.

Interview with Gage "Sasquatch" DuBose, the most recent addition to CompLexity's StarCraft II Squad

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