Weekly wrap-up 6/24/2012

GZ Originals

The games of summer: X-Men vs. Street Fighter

GameZone revisits a classic crossover fighter. Need some old school fighting goodness?

The Wii U: Bringing people together, or pulling them apart?

While Nintendo may be creating a unique gaming experience with the Wii U GamePad, does the device, which has one player engaged on a separate screen from everyone else, remove that player from the core experience that everyone else is enjoying?

Delivering on the promise of true multiple endings

Hey, developers, don't promise a variety of multiple endings if said endings aren't going to be different enough from one another to be substantially worthwhile.

Hated Microsoft's E3 press briefing? Blame mainstream journalists

Let's face it, mainstream journalism isn't all that concerned about video games. So it should come as no surprise that Microsoft's press conference was so weak in the department we as gamers cared about: the games!

E3 2012: Dead or Alive 5 interview with Yosuke Hayashi and Yohei Shimbori

GameZone talks to two of the developers behind the upcoming Dead or Alive 5.

Doom 3 is getting re-released: Do we need it?

Is id Software's Doom 3 a title that people want in HD? Is it a game that people still care to play, now with amped up visuals? Simply put, is Doom 3 a thing we need?

Nitpick: Am I gliding or walking?

Oftentimes, characters in video games feel as if they're gliding as opposed to walking or running. This results in a feeling of detachment from the game world, and it's certainly a gripe-worthy experience.

Top 5 Hardest PS3 Trophies

What are five of the toughest Trophies to snag on the PlayStation 3? Have you earned these already?

Future trends in online PC gaming

GameZone takes a stab at what the future holds for online gaming on the PC.

What I've learned about the video game industry

Our own Lance Liebl has officially been a part of this wonderful industry for just over a year. What has he discovered about its ins and outs in that time?

Six things to do at Comic-Con

Going to Comic-Con? Check out these tips.

Contest and interview: Win a copy of Peter Tyson's Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress

We chat with Peter Tyson about his book and get some new insight on Dwarf Fortress.

Three movies we want to see remade, and three movies we never want to see

Remember the Super Mario Bros. movie? Yeah, a lot of folks are still trying to forget. By the way, someone should totally make an actual good Mario movie.

Breaking Lara: Tomb Raider like we've never seen it before

The upcoming Tomb Raider reboot will push Lara Croft to painful depths we didn't think we would see coming from developers. How far will Lara's torturous adventure go?

There’s nothing wrong with Grindhouse-style games

Campy, cheesey, over-the-top. Not every game needs to be serious and realistic.

Nitpick: Quantitative difficulty

GameZone takes a close look at the element of difficulty in games.

10 things survival horror games should remember

Survival horror games seem to be light on both survival and horror these days, but that's just the beginning of their problems. Here are 10 things that the genre needs to feature in order to provide a successfully chilling experience.

The games of summer: Gauntlet

We revisit the timeless dungeon crawler and urge you to give it a play over this hot summer season.

What can Namco do with Super Smash Bros.?

Now that Nintendo and Namco Bandai are teaming up for the upcoming Smash Bros. game, we can only imagine the possibilities.

GZ Roundtable: Most disappointing games

A few of the GameZone dudes look back in agony at the games that disappointed them most. Agree? Disagree?

Ten heroes In need of their own Marvel pinball tables

After Zen Studios' successful use of the Marvel brand for its pinball series of games, what other franchises can the studio turn into hits?

Why Does Dragon's Dogma Hate Me?

There's a difference between being challenged greatly and being brutally terrorized. Dragon's Dogma, you son of a …

Guides and Walkthroughs

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters – Tips for fun & winning

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Complete Guide (updated daily)

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Babel Rising review (XBLA)

While we can't say that this strategy title is buggy or broken, we can definitely attest to the fact that it's a boring mess that just isn't any fun to play. Oh yeah, and as for the Kinect stuff, well, yeah, that stuff is pretty broken.

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland Review (PS3)

Not only does this RPG end the Arland trilogy on the PlayStation 3, but it also does it on a high note, delivering a satisfying experience that's simplistic but great.

Brave: The Video Game review (PS3)

Yes, this game may be a based on a Disney-Pixar film, but even despite the fact that it's intended for the kiddies, Brave: The Video Game is still an enjoyable action-adventure romp.

Elsword review (PC)

While not perfect for any means, this free-to-play hack-and-slash MMO is still a lot of fun and features enjoyable pick-up-and-play action.

Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles review (XBLA)

Zen Studios delivers yet another excellent Marvel-themed game of pinball.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review (Xbox 360)

Ugh …

The Adventures of Shuggy review (PC)

Enjoyable puzzle platforming gameplay and a ton of charm make this indie gem a truly worthwhile experience.


E3 2012: Scribblenauts Unlimited coming to Wii U

E3 2012: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes preview

E3 2012: Sound Shapes hands-on (Vita)

E3 2012: Way of the Samurai 4 preview

E3 2012: Snapshot hands-on (Vita)

E3 2012: Ragnarok Odyssey preview

New trailer shows Okami kicking ass in HD

E3 2012: Resident Evil 6 exclusive interview

RaiderZ impressions

When Vikings Attack hands-on Preview

Age of Wushu preview

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning hands-on

The Avengers: Battle For Earth first impressions

E3 2012: Lost Planet 3 exclusive interview

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