Weekly wrap-up 6/1/2012

Hey GameZone, it's the first day of June, which means … well, absolutely nothing, really. In any case, we've got a slew of new content on the site, and if you've missed any of it, be sure to check it out here in our weekly wrap-up. Think of this as a newsletter, except it doesn't show up in your spam folder, which means you're forced to come across it on the site! Filter this!


Men in Black III review (Movies)

Men in Black returns, and it's a fun time with plenty of enjoyment to be had. If you're looking for a good movie to watch, you really can't go wrong with this one.

Dead Hungry Diner review (PC)

While it's not at Plants vs. Zombies levels of great, this casual game provides a fun restaurant management experience with enjoyably light puzzles.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Review (PSN)

While there's a good idea behind this downloadable title, it never comes off as more than a not-so-good licensed tie-in.

Game of Thrones: 'Blackwater' recap and review (TV)

With a big finale coming next week, the latest episode of Game of Thrones comes in strong and delivers an incredible showing.

Resistance: Burning Skies review (Vita)

While it may not be perfect, this Vita first-person shooter still manages to deliver a worthwhile experience for fans of the genre looking for something to play on Sony's handheld.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier review (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Great action sequences, incredible stealth gameplay, a good story, and fun online play all combine to deliver one hell of a military shooter.

Joy Ride Turbo review (XBLA)

Fun gameplay and a nice price tag make up this Xbox Live Arcade racer.

Sorcery review (PSN)

While its Move implementation is commendable, motion controls slightly hamper this experience. It's still good, but with traditional controls, it probably would've been great. Worth playing, though? Yeah, it is.

Max Payne 3 review (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Rockstar delivers an action-packed shooter with the latest entry in the Max Payne series, rife with a compelling single-player mode and addictive online multiplayer that will keep gamers playing for a long time.

Gravity Rush review (Vita)

Featuring innovative gameplay that's just a joy to experience, Gravity Rush is a must buy title for any Vita owner looking for a great game to play.

Dragon’s Dogma review (Xbox 360, PS3)

While its world isn't all that spectacular, there's a lot to like in Capcom's latest action RPG effort.

GZ Originals

The games of summer: Saturn Bomberman

GameZone takes a look back at Saturn Bomberman, the 10-player bomb-fest that was a crazy good time. Looking for a good summer party game? Dig this one up!

Why should you care about sequels?

In moderation, sequels can be excellent additions to any franchise. Because of that fact, we think sequels are pretty important.

Interview: The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Concerts

GameZone talks with Jeron Moore, producer of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. Check out this exclusive interview for some insight on the concert series.

Ten board games that should be movies

What classic board games need to be turned into blockbuster hits at the box office? Here are 10 suggestions.

Nitpick: Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Stupidity?

We take a look at the sometimes-frustrating element of AI in video games.

Top 10 most anticipated games from E3 2012

What titles are among the most worth watching out for when E3 2012 rolls by next week?

The Pinball Arcade, and Bringing The Twilight Zone To Life (Interview)

GameZone gets some insight on The Pinball Arcade's potential Twilight Zone table straight from Bobby King, community rep at developer Farsight.

Editorial: Who’s To Blame For the 38 Studios Fiasco?

We take a look at the recent debacle with Curt Schilling and his game development company 38 Studios.

Top 10 reasons Elder Scrolls Online is completely unnecessary

Do we need an MMO set in the universe of The Elder Scrolls? Nope, and here's why.

Max Payne 3: sequel or reboot?

With hardly any references to past entries in the series, Max Payne 3 comes off as a bit of a reboot rather than a fully fledged sequel.

GZ Roundtable: What are you looking forward to at E3 2012?

A few of GameZone's staff members talk about what they're most stoked about for E3 2012. In-N-Out burgers, anyone?

Interview: Rising Star Games on Akai Katana

We get a close look at Akai Katana, the recent Xbox 360 shmup, and talk with product marketing manager at Rising Star Games Yen Hau.

Top 10 ways to make Pokemon on the Wii U work

It's time for a Nintendo home console to get a proper Pokemon game. We're talking RPGs! Here are 10 ways of making that happen on the Wii U.

Where chiptunes rule: Blipfest 2012

GameZone looks back at Blipfest 2012 and talks about the awesomeness of chiptunes!

Movie releases for June 2012

What's hitting the box office? We take a look at the month's movie releases.

Walkthroughs and guides

Max Payne 3 walkthrough

Max Payne 3 walkthough – chapter 1 (How to get the Golden PT92)

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