Weekly wrap-up 2/24/2012

The PlayStation Vita is here, and we've got a bunch of reviews for the portable's launch titles. If you want the skinny on Sony's latest handheld, check it all out here. We've also got content for other platforms, TV show reviews, new editorial content, and more. Miss anything this week? You can find it all here.

UFC Undisputed 3 review (360)

We get ready for some heavy-hitting and hard grappling as we take on UFC Undisputed 3. Check out our in-depth review of the game, brought to you by GameZone's Tate Steinlage.

Rhythm Heaven Fever review (Wii)

If you've got rhythm and $30 on you, don't skip Rhythm Heaven Fever. The follow-up to the hit DS game is fun, comical, and weird (in a good way). Check out our review for the full scoop.

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!!! review (Vita)

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!!! may be one of the Vita's first downloadable titles, but it's also a must-buy for anyone who owns or plans on owning Sony's latest handheld.

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action review (PC)

Steep learning curve and dull story aside, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is a solid, addictive game that's sure to keep fans of the series entertained for a long time. Check out the full review from our own Andrew Clouther.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend review (Vita)

The Vita gets a stellar and strange fighter in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. Check out our full review and see why this title will meet your portable fighting game needs if you own a Vita.

House of the Dead III review (PS3)

The third chapter in House of the Dead arrives on the PlayStation Network, and it provides a highly entertaining zombie romp. Shoot those undead freaks!

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen review (Vita)

Ninjas are cool, unless they're the ninjas from Shinobido 2. Check out our review of this Vita launch title and see exactly why you should avoid it and stick with something else instead.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus review (Vita)

While Shinobido 2 delivers a lackluster ninja experience, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus brings awesome hack-and-slash action to the Vita. It's definitely not without its flaws, but it's still an entertaining action game. GameZone's Robert Workman reviews this Vita launch title.

Rayman Origins review (Vita)

If you liked Rayman Origins on consoles, you'll like it on the Vita. And if you didn't get it on one of the other available platforms, there's no reason to miss out on this excellent platformer this time around.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare review (360)

Alan Wake returns, this time in a solid downloadable adventure for Xbox Live Arcade. Check out our review of the game and see why Alan Wake's American Nightmare is a good addition to the series.

Warp review (360)

Brutally challenging and sadistic in its level design, Warp is not for the weak, and it's certainly not for newer gamers. If you can stomach the challenge, though, you should definitely give this puzzler a chance.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 review (Vita)

The Vita version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 may not bring anything particularly new to the latest entry in the series, but it's a worthwhile buy if you're in the market for a portable fighting game.

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitation review (Vita)

The Hot Shots Golf series once again delivers charming style and impressive golf gameplay, this time on the Vita. Check out our review for full details on the game.

Dynasty Warriors Next review (Vita)

Whether you're looking for a game that will keep you entertained for lengthy periods of time or short bursts, Dynasty Warriors Next offers up a compelling and thoroughly enjoyable action game experience on the Vita.

The Walking Dead 'Trigger Finger' recap & review (TV)

We take a look at the last episode of The Walking Dead, "Trigger Finger", and let you know if the series is delivering the goods. Check out Eric Zipper's review for an in-depth look at the episode.

The River 'A Better Man' recap & review (TV)

While it's not as great as previous episodes, "A Better Man" is still a good watch for fans of The River. GameZone's Mike Splectha gives his review of the latest in the series.

Battleship preview (360, PS3)

We take the video game rendition of Battleship for a spin. It may be based on a film that's based on a board game, but there's certainly a lot of potential here. Check out our full preview of the game, brought to you by GameZone's Sal Mattos.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron preview (360, PS3, PC)

Activision is looking to release a winner with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. So far, the game is looking great, and we may get a sequel worth watching out for.

Yesterday preview (PC)

Developer Pendulo Studios is looking to create a compelling adventure game with Yesterday, which features a dark plot and a smooth art style. Check out our preview of the upcoming point-and-click title courtesy of GameZone's Matt Liebl.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo impressions (360, PS3, PC)

Despite the fact that it's been met with some initial hesitation, the multiplayer component in Mass Effect 3 is definitely worth getting stoked about. Check out our impressions of the latest addition to the Mass Effect series.

Forget the ship-jumpers: Here's why the PS Vita deserves a chance to succeed

It may have gotten off to a rocky start in Japan, but we really believe the Vita has a strong chance of succeeding in the portable gaming spectrum.

Gems of the PlayStation Vita launch

What games should you be playing on Sony's latest portable gaming device? Find out as we compile a list of must-play Vita titles.

The Xbox 720 rumor round-up

With so much water cooler gossip surfacing regarding Microsoft's next Xbox, you bet there's a ton of buzz for the as-of-yet-unannounced platform. We look back at all of the rumors to pop up thus far.

The Darkness II walkthrough

We continue our walkthrough coverage of The Darkness II. Need a helping hand? Check out this guide for full details on how to get through the game.

Online Warmongers interview with Sergey Titov

GameZone's Lance Liebl chats with free-to-play MMO dev Online Warmongers. Check out this exclusive interview and see why its upcoming FPS is sure to capture the attention of fans of the genre.

One thing the Xbox 720 should not be …

What can possibly hurt the next Xbox console? What can the platform benefit from? We discuss Microsoft's next potential console.

SSX interview with Todd Batty

Want to learn more about the upcoming SSX? Check out this in-depth interview to get the details on this potentially awesome game.

Twisted Metal: Head-On – Does it hold up?

Is the last-gen entry in the Twisted Metal series worth revisiting? GameZone's David Sanchez lets you know if the game still holds up to today's standards.

The consolidation of consoles: Why Sony will be the first to fall

GameZone's Alex Osborn takes a look at the different directions Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have taken, and discusses why Sony may be the company that's in the most trouble.

Shank 2 interview (360, PS3, PC)

Get a close look at the upcoming Shank 2 in this exclusive interview with developer Klei Entertainment's Jamie Cheng.

I'm equal parts worried and excited about Resident Evil 6

While the upcoming Resident Evil 6 seems to have a few classic RE-style elements, it also seems to be a completely different game from its predecessors. Is this a cause for concern among fans?

Risen 2: Dark Waters exclusive interview

GameZone's Vita Gesualdi sits down with Pete Brolly and delivers an in-depth, exclusive interview on Risen 2: Dark Waters.