Web-Based 3D MMOSG, SocioTown, Begins Public Beta

March 28, 2008

Web-Based 3D MMOSG, SocioTown, Begins Public

SocioTown, a web-based 3D massive multiplayer
online social game (MMOSG), has begun public beta testing. The public beta is
taking place on the West1 server:


Developed by the small indie company Outside The
Box Software, SocioTown draws inspiration from The Sims and Nintendo’s Animal
Crossing while successfully introducing new player-driven social features in a
multiplayer environment.

With its upcoming release, SocioTown looks to be
the first MMO social game that has an end-game and a sense of purpose. Social
MMO games have often been criticized for lacking actual game features and
progression. SocioTown looks to change this. It features missions, job
simulations, player attributes, leveling up, and advanced NPC (Non Playable
Character) interactions. Even the clothes the player buys in the shops aren’t
just for looks, they also can affect the character’s attributes.

SocioTown has a low-barrier to entry by being
web-based and only requiring the Adobe Shockwave web plugin. Players can jump
into the world within minutes instead of hours.

You can participate now in the public beta
on the West1 Server: