We Seriously Might See Chewbacca’s Wife in the Han Solo Movie, Here’s a Picture

A very furry romance...

The untitled Han Solo movie has had some ups and downs in its development. The cast list looks very promising. The movie lost its directors, but later gained a promising replacement in the form of Ron Howard. We've learned that Jabba the Hutt will make an appearance and everyone expects to see the most famous Wookiee, Chewbacca, reprise his role. What we may not have expected was an appearance from a different, very important Wookiee that Chewie cares much for.

Ron Howard Tweeted an image showing Chewie behind the camera, looking at a scene they had shot involving himself and a new Wookiee. A lady Wookiee.

A quick reference to the Wookieepedia suggests this character to be Malla, who is canonically Chewbacca's wife. But why is she not mentioned in the original trilogy? Why is Chewbacca reserved for the "really hairy uncle" role from that point forward? 

I guess we'll find out when the still untitled Han Solo movie releases.