We might be hearing about Borderlands 3 and a new Duke Nukem this week

Mark your calendar for Friday.

Back in April, during PAX East, Gearbox's CEO Randy Pitchford teased that there would "obviously" be another Borderlands, but he didn't know if the dev would even call it that. Now, Pitchford is teasing something about "Borderland" again.

Pitchford didn't include the 's' on Borderlands, so there's a chance that was an error on his part (there was room in the tweet for one more letter) or if that was a hint at the title of the new game. In addition to the Borderlands tease, Pitchford listed Duke Nukem, Homeworld and Battleborn news.

Last week, Duke Nukem teased to be making a return for its 20 year anniversary. It was speculated that Duke Nukem 3D would be getting a remake, but it was never confirmed. 

Of course, a lot of nothing could be revealed during the panel… But let's not hope for that.