We may know who the female character is in the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer

It's not Bonnie or Abigail.

We've all been pouring over the brief but detailed Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer for days now. While we already have an extensive breakdown on the site, we're still finding new details here and there. One of the biggest mysteries of the trailer is surrounding the only female we see.

Many have speculated that this is Abigail Marston or Bonnie McFarlane but that simply doesn't add up. Abigail was a prostitute and nothing more (nor does she really look like Abigail) and Bonnie is not an outlaw. So, who is this mysterious woman? Well, the answer may lie deep within the original Red Dead Redemption.

For those who did all the side activities in the original game, you may have encountered a mysterious well-dressed man with a top hat. He has no known name and he almost seems a bit supernatural. He periodically shows up in John Marston's journey and reminds him of all of his mistakes, filling in some of the gaps in John's life for players.

In their first encounter, the stranger reminds John of his final adventure with Dutch's gang where they raided a ferry in 1906. In the raid, a "beautiful" woman by the name of Heide McCourt was shot and killed, leaving one of her eyes hanging from a tendon out of her face. In the same failed robbery, John was shot and left for dead by his brothers in arms, signaling a betrayal.

John could've been injured by law enforcement in a shootout or Dutch could've gunned him down knowing that John was planning to go on the run with his family in pursuit of a better life. Regardless, Heide McCourt may be the woman in the trailer.

In the trailer, the blonde woman suggests that protagonist Arthur Morgan is the only one within the gang that she trusts. A relatively credible story leak also notes that the gang is on the run after a Pinkerton spy rats them out to law enforcement, it's possible that everyone is on edge within the gang. Dutch's gang falls apart after the failed ferry raid and maybe things become heated between the gang during the heist and Dutch guns down fellow outlaw Heide McCourt along with John.

Unless the female protagonist is a completely new original character, Heide McCourt is seemingly the only logical character who could seemingly be the blonde outlaw. Only time will tell, Rockstar will likely begin gearing up their marketing for the western epic after the release of the L.A. Noire remaster in November. Hopefully, we'll get a breakdown of all the members of Dutch's gang before release!

Red Dead Redemption 2 launches in Spring 2018 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

[Shoutout to YouTuber LegacyKillaHD for reminding us of this part of RDR]