We’ll have a hands-on preview of Watch Dogs mid next week

Watch Dogs has been one of those titles that lived comfortably behind closed doors and only shown off under strict supervision, and not allowing gamers to get a feel for what it's like to hack the city of Chicago. It also didn't ease a lot of gamer's minds when the game was delayed from its original November release date, and pushed to May 2014.

We were lucky enough to get invited to a special hands-on event for Watch Dogs where we'll finally be able to let you guys know how the heck it feels to play as Aiden Pearce.

And we know a lot of you have reservations about the title, whether the graphics have indeed been downgraded, whether that reload button is mapped to L3 or Left Thumbstick. Rest assured, I'll be having enough extensive hands on time to let you guys know whether to be worried about the game, or whether to buy into it.

The full preview will be live on GameZone April 23rd at 12pm EST, so make sure to check back.