We Happy Few releases mega update that resolves one giant plot hole

No more "how'd I get here?"

As We Happy Few's Early Access/Preview days continue to chug along, developer Compulsion Games is hard at work adding bits and pieces to the game. However, they have recently released their biggest update yet, called A Clockwork Update, which brings with it, a host of new additions. The developers released a video (seen above) detailing all of the major changes, and arguably the biggest of them addresses a very confusing plot hole at the outset of the game.

When you begin a game of We Happy Few, there is a chase sequence, where your character ends up in a sewer being chased down by the police. After reaching a dead end, you are knocked unconscious by a baton and awaken in an underground bunker with no explanation of how you got there. It's clear that you are safe from harm, but the game never gives you any indication of how that happened.

The new update gives you a new starting shelter, right where you were left, and provides a more streamlined means of explaining the game's basics of crafting and combat before you head to the surface. While the full narrative elements are still not yet incorporated into the game, this new segment should hold you over for now.

For a complete list of details on the updates to We Happy Few, head over to the developer's blog to check them out. It should also be noted that with all of these changes, your old save files will no longer be compatible with the new version, so you will have to start over.