[Watch] YouTubers scare the s**t out of each other (and themselves) in 1V1 game, Hide and Shriek

It's scarier than it looks

Yes, Halloween is over, but that doesn't mean the fun of the horror genre goes with it. Hide and Shriek was one of this year's most intriguing new horror games in the sense of what it brought to the table. While it may not be a traditional adventure game, it does answer the question of how one might go about blending the horror genre with multiplayer in a meaningful way.

As you can see from the trailer above, jump scares are the name of the game in Hide and Shriek, as players set traps for each other in hopes of initiating said jump scare to score points. The resulting gameplay is an unpredictable dance between planning and maneuvering and is very much a player-driven game.

It's always cool to see games like this where the developer merely crafts the tools with a loose set of rules for players to have their own fun with. Perhaps best of all, the game is only $5.99, so there isn't much of a risk on the part of the player.

Hide and Shriek is out now exclusively on PC.