[Watch] World of Warcraft Classic finally revealed at BlizzCon 2017

Are you ready?

World of Warcraft has changed quite a bit since it's release back in 2004 and not many playing today got the original experience, but today at BlizzCon Blizzard announced that they would bring back the good old days with World of Warcraft Classic!

For a long time, the only way to get the vanilla World of Warcraft experience was to log onto illegal private servers, the original WoW game was unplayable otherwise. But with a bit of Gnome tinkering and a probably a lot of hard work at Blizzard players will soon be able to revisit the old world of Azeroth.

Though Blizzard actually first made a soft announcement about WoW Classic a year and a half ago. Back then, Blizzard shut down one of the biggest vanilla WoW servers, Nostalrius, something many thought meant that Blizzard didn't want vanilla servers at all. But shortly after that, Blizzard launched the idea of "pristine worlds", something described similarly to vanilla realms, and then a few days after that the heads of the World of Warcraft team and the heads of Blizzard invited the developers behind the Nostalrius servers to private discussions. It would now seem that these discussions have lead somewhere many fans wanted it to lead.

For those of us who followed the whole Nostalrius server chain of events, the announcement of World of Warcraft Classic comes as no surprise, but for many, this is a long-awaited announcement and a way to return to the good old days of World of Warcraft.

Exactly what World of Warcraft Classic will include and not include has not yet been fully revealed and there is no word on a release date yet. So stay tuned to GameZone for the latest on World of Warcraft Classic.