Watch us mess around with the Sphero in a not-so-difficult obstacle course

We just got our Sphero in today! This neat little ball is 'part ball, part roboto, all fun!' according to the box, and I can't say it's lying. We already took it for a spin around our office and had a lot of fun.

Though we wanted to make an obstacle course for it, unfortunately, we didn't have much aside form a bunch of action figures, pom poms and other random objects, so we just scattered them around the floor and let the Sphero unleash itself upon them.

We did try to hit the Big Daddy which took a lot longer than we thought it would have.

About the Sphero:

How much tech can you pack in a 3 inch sphere? Start with a sensor network – multi-axis rate gyro and accelerometer – fused together with the same kind of math that took Apollo to the Moon. Power it with lithium polymer batteries that are inductively recharged through the shell and add a Bluetooth-based command and control data link. Finally, mix in over-the-air firmware updates and internally sandboxed language extensions and you have a true robot that is an intelligent component of a smartphone app-based gaming, learning, and human-machine interaction system. Driving Sphero from the central app is just the start. An open API for iOS and Android invites developers around the world to dive right in…Oh, and Sphero is just fun.