Watch this insane music video created entirely in Media Molecule’s Dreams

Don't let your dreams be dreams

Sony has released a music video by Noah Cyrus that was done with Dreams. It’s arguably one of the most impressive uses of Media Molecule’s insane creative sandbox title. Watch the music clip here!

It has been over a year since Media Molecule unleashed their long-awaited new creative sandbox title Dreams unto PlayStation 4 users. The sheer possibilities the game offers are so staggering it’s paradoxically the biggest reason why it regularly flies beyond the radar of many gamers however sadly. You can read much more about our thoughts on Dreams in our review.

A new music video for the song July by Noah Cyrus is now helping to solve this issue somewhat. Or it will at least start to put the gears into motion for everyone who watches it by showing rather than telling what Dreams can achieve. To be honest, if I weren’t told it was done in Dreams, I’d never have thought that was the case. It’s simply that professional and outstanding.

We have been working with Sony for a long time to find the right opportunity to collaborate on making a music video in Dreams, showcasing the potential of the project for this wonderful art form.

Our outreach team spent ages listening to loads of songs from potential collaborators, searching for the right match and finally found the opportunity to work as part of a One Sony collaboration group to make a music video for Noah Cyrus’ beautiful song “July.”

We wanted to fully embrace the One Sony vision where Sony games, Sony music, Sony technology and Sony organisations all jammed together to deliver this video.

The talented folks over at Media Molecule themselves created the music video and as such, it’s arguably the most impressive dream created so far. They detail the creative process of the entire ordeal in great detail on a PlayStation Blog post which you should absolutely make sure to read. It gives a fascinating insight into Dreams, especially with regard to its built-in collaborative tools.