Watch The Surge 2 developer gameplay walkthrough

Welcome to Jericho City

Publisher Focus Home Interactive has released a brand-new video about their anticipated souls-like sequel The Surge 2. This developer walkthrough showcases close to 10 minutes of raw gameplay and gives a nice overview of the new location, enemies and mechanics. Check it out!

Developer Deck13 highly improved their own take on the Souls formula with 2017’s The Surge. The punishing melee-combat action-adventure game stood out not only from the Dark Souls games but also from Deck13’s first souls-like Lords of the Fallen by being set in a futuristic sci-fi world. And while Lords of the Fallen had a lot of shortcoming courtesy of being the developer’s first attempt, The Surge managed to improve on almost every aspect.

Naturally, last year we were greeted by the announcement of a direct sequel with The Surge 2. As the first game was a success, the dev didn’t feel the need to start over with a new IP and instead build upon a solid foundation. But if you were expecting simply more of the same, you’ll be positively surprised by the welcome changes and additions to the second Surge title.

In today’s developer walkthrough video, we get a first look at the new setting of the game. Welcome to Jericho City. A large city with various distinct districts which has gone under quarantine due to a techno-virus. Placed under control by the A.I.D. military faction, it’s a dangerous place where heavily armed personnel is trying to inhibit movement of citizens. The dense city offers various ways to get around fortified checkpoints and aims to deliver a nice playground to explore.

The video highlights also the new drone mechanic which allows players to activate a flying companion which deals damage to enemies and diverts their attention, so that you can land the heavy hits.

The Surge is launching this September 24th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.