Watch the Halo Infinite gameplay reveal from the Xbox showcase here

Ever since 343 Industries took over the Halo franchise in 2012, it’s been a bit rocky. Both Halo 4 and Halo 5 had mixed receptions, one far more than the other, but Halo Infinite looks to be the crowd-pleaser the series needs.

After years of waiting, Xbox debuted the first ever look at gameplay for Halo Infinite at the Xbox showcase. You can take a look in the video below. The gameplay demo picks up after last E3’s in-engine look with a pilot crash landing on a new pilot with Master Chief.

Halo Infinite looks to be a spiritual reboot, echoing shades of the original Combat Evolved. Its more open areas, the setting, and more all overwhelm you with some potent nostalgia. We see multiple objectives tasked for Chief as he traverses an area on foot, by grappling hook, and via Warthog, allowing choice and openness.

The map appears to be somewhat open-world as the player can set waypoints and there were multiple mission markers on the map.

Halo Infinite will release this fall on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The game will also support Smart Delivery, granting a free upgrade from the Xbox One versions to the Series X version.