[Watch] The “first playable” gameplay of Psychonauts 2 has been revealed by Double Fine

It's early pre-alpha gameplay, so keep that in mind.

Psychonauts 2 has been kept mostly in the dark and out of the public eye, outside of the backers on Fig. But it looks as though Double Fine is ready to show off some preliminary gameplay as the company released a new video with footage they are calling "First Playable." What this means is that the gameplay is essentially pre-alpha, and as both Tim Schafer and Project Lead Zak McClendon emphasize that what is seen is not final.

It is described as a "chunk of the game that we've pushed through the pipeline and get it fully art-ed" describes McClendon. "It's nowhere near shippable; it's a sort of pre-Alpha."

Check it out:

Starbreeze Studios signed a publishing deal on Psychonauts 2 with Double Fine earlier this year, but outside of that, news has been pretty much non-existent. The game was successfully funded back in January of 2016, earning $3.3 million.

It still appears to be too early to tell when this game will come out, but at this point, it appears as though Double Fine is content to take their time on it.

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