[Watch] TGA 2016: Telltale Games reveals extended look at The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

A heartbreaking look at one of the biggest IPs of all time.

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead shocked gamers in 2012 due to the studio's ability to tell an incredibly emotional story in a scary universe. Telltale has gone on to produce several other games from many other IPs such as Borderlands, Batman, and now Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. There have been several other Walking Dead games since the first one, but it's been a while since we've gotten a new main entry in The Walking Dead series.

The Walking Dead will be returning later this month with not one, but two new episodes! The season three premiere will release in two episodes on December 20th, and that may seem far away but Telltale has something to tide you over.

At The Game Awards 2016, Telltale revealed the first in-depth look at The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. The trailer showcases the brand new character, Javier, with his family right when the zombie infection kicked off. You can view the disturbing and emotional gameplay below.