[Watch] Super Mega Baseball 2 reveals its deep customization gameplay in new trailer

Design your teams any way you want.

Super Mega Baseball is not your typical sports franchise. It doesn't rely on making sure it meets an annual deadline, and it's not at all concerned about simulating the nitty gritty details of the sport. No, Super Mega Baseball is about good old-fashioned arcade-style gameplay, where jumping in and out of a game is a breeze. Today, developer Metalhead Software released a trailer showing off all of the different facets that players can edit in the game.

The list is quite long, and the game lets you customize just about everything you could ever want from your teams and players. For instance, you can decide the colors and logos of your custom team as well as the name, gender, and look of your players. You can then take your custom team and throw them into leagues of up to 32 other teams to see which one comes out on top.

The original Super Mega Baseball released back in August of 2015 and managed to garner a number of honors for Sports Game of the Year. Super Mega Baseball 2 will be getting some new additions as well which include online multiplayer and more realistic presentation.

Super Mega Baseball 2 releases on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 this summer.