[Watch] ‘Street Fighter V’ debuts their next DLC fighter, Zeku

Zeku will be available in the season 2 character pass.

Capcom reveals their next season 2 DLC fighter for 'Street Fighter V', Zeku.

If you've been playing 'Street Fighter V', then you might have already acquired the characters available for the season two DLC fighter pack. So far, the pack includes Akuma, Ed, Abigail, Menat, and Kolin. Capcom has now debuted the trailer for the newest fighter to be made available via the same season two pass, Zeku. Check out the announcement here:

Zeku will come with three costumes when he drops: the Story, Battle, and Nostalgia skins. All three skins will also change depending on whether he is in his primary or his younger Strider form.

Zeku will be playable with the season two character pass October 24th!