[Watch] Souls-esque Shooter RPG From The Witcher Writer

Like Dark Souls but with guns and narrative.

Game developer Sold Out has announced a new game called Immortal: Unchained, a Souls-inspired third-person shooter with RPG mechanics. It's being developed as a hardcore game similar to Dark Souls, following the concept of death as a learning experience.

Immortal Unchained takes place in a futuristic world nearing the apocalypse. The player character has no memory of who they are but knows they were released by an entity known as the Warden to stop this world-ending threat.

Dark Souls has been a popular game to mimic as of late, bringing intense challenge back to gaming and reminding gamers of the days where games held the title of "Nintenhard". But one thing that didn't sit well in Dark Souls with all players was the way story was told. Lore could be found for those who went digging but the story throughout the regular game was pretty thin. Immortal: Unchained seems to be more narrative based. From the writers of Battlefield 1 and The Witcher, it seems a tighter story may be told when compared to the Souls series.

The game differs in other ways as well. It will feature ranged and melee combat in equal amounts. As it's a Souls-like game, hacking and slashing is mostly frowned upon. Abilities, like slowing down time and disarming enemies, can be utilized to defeat them instead.

Immortal: Unchained will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.