[Watch] Sonic Forces Gets a Story Trailer And It’s… Not Terrible!

"Rookie, just make sure you take good notes."

Sega has released a new trailer for Sonic Forces, and this time, it gives us some story. It gives a bit of background and even explains where the custom Sonic OC character comes into play. It's campy and ham-fisted, sure, but it doesn't look overly terrible.

The trailer begins with Dr. Eggman having nearly taken over the world and giving a typical bad guy monologue about his rival. Like Sonic Generations, this Sonic world mashes different incarnations into one. It seems Eggman was able to take over the world with the help of other past antagonists, including Chaos, Shadow, Metal Sonic, the enemies from Sonic Lost Worlds, not to mention the new mysterious enemy named Infinite.

This, in turn, forces Sonic and friends to recruit help from the citizens they've been protecting. This is where the player created character comes into play as "the rookie". We also get a look at some of the Rookie's new moves. They seem to be customizable to fit your chosen playstyle. Other confirmed playable characters are Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and even Shadow via a free DLC add-on.

As always, the trailer is accompanied by cheesy music, hammy acting, and over the top reactions, but hey, it's a Sonic game. All this may be excused (and even secretly liked by some) if the gameplay is good.

Sonic Forces is set for release on November 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.